Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365 - Day 6

Not an artistic photo, but it was so cute. Amelia was giving the new Dream In Color yarn an inspection. She seems to have approved.

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  1. I love your cat and was just reading on facebook about the milk. I used to have a cat named David that I believe was part Maine Coon. He was big.. 22 pounds and not fat either.. but it used to crack me up watching him try to fit his big head into a glass to get some milk.. my little Duchess won't eat or drink any people food except for the occassional lick of vanilla ice cream off my finger.. but last night.. Louis was feeding his fish and gave the sucker some algae tablets.. the bag makes a sound like the cat treat back.. they came running.. he threw one for his cat who sniffed it.. then ate it.. I was like eww don't give one to Duchess.. he said it wouldn't hurt them but eww who wants algae breathe in your face..